Talking Tom Jetski

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Talking Tom Jetski


Talking Tom is a game that feeds and interacts with cute and lovable Tom.

My Talking Tom for Android, ios helps you to create creativity when creating your favorite cat models, the ability to mimic the human voice with a new, fast-paced, humorous voice by combining accessories. , costumes and indoor furniture.


Describe the fun of talking tom

When you’re playing Talking Tom, you can say anything like singing, swearing, laughing, even saying the words … to hear the cat Prawn parody, sounds funny and you have to laugh. The face of the cat is very expressive, expressing true feelings as real pets in life, he can be happy, sad, refreshing when the belly is rubbed … Also, you can push, Beat and poke at the shrimp to see the interesting reaction of the cat.

You will have to grow a large Shrimp cat through nine different levels and 50 levels, as well as unlock items and earn rewards. Players can also record Shuffle’s video and share it with friends. You can download free games like blackjack, or games fruit ninja for free


Nurture your own Tom Cat, Decorate Tom’s House, See Cat’s Emotional Expression, Receive Rewards during the Game, Enjoy real emotions like in real life.

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Please select the platform that suits your mobile device then download. The installation process game Talking Tom Jetski is automatic

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Version: Noel 2018
Updated: 24/12/20180
Requires Android: All device


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