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Subway Surfers


Download game Subway Surfers for your mobile to experience exciting gameplay. You will have to flee from the pursuit of a stubborn police officer in the back who always wants to take you to the station. When running on the road will encounter many obstacles eg signs even long trains are moving at high speed.

Subway Surfers for Mobile

With the new version of Subway Surfr you will be exploring the beautiful images bring you the feeling of adventure adventure alone and many expensive items that can be randomly run.

Guide play Subway Surfers

Play Subway Surfers game you do not forget to pick up the stars and gold on the way as they are useful for buying items, buying new improved characters rather than the default guy that the system initially provided for you.

Play Subway Surfers free

You will have the fear of help as well as interesting items in the game such as: skateboard to run faster, high jump shoes, gold coins and many other items. Besides, when you have enough gold you can upgrade your character to many others.

Downlad and play Subway Surfers now

The Subway Surfers avatar system for android is as varied as the price of every character sold is not cheap at all, players are also allowed to buy items such as skateboards, missiles in the shop whenever necessary.

Download Subway Surfers free

Download Subway Surfers for mobile

Subway Surfers is designed quite gently only 80 Mb storage, supports download multiple platforms: Android, iOS, Windown. Subway Surfers use 3D graphics with wordless sound quality according dramatic action.

Download for iPhone

Download the unique version for mobile of Subway Surfers you will be constantly swiping up and down as well as left to right to control the character in the most flexible way to bring a moment of relaxing fun.

Download Subway Surfers

Current Version: 1.96.2
Updated: 08/12/2018
Installs: 1.000,000,000+


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