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Download SnapChat(Snap Chat) for your phone will help you connect and chat with your friends, relatives with pictures, share moments, great videos in life together. In addition to text messaging, you can also make video calls free of charge at high speed.

SnapChat new update

SnapChat (Snap Chat) is a free text messaging software on popular mobile devices that allows users to easily share pictures or videos online. The new Memories feature will help you save your favorite personal photos.

SnapChat new version

Guide download and use Snapchat

From the main interface, do a swipe down or click the SnapChat icon at the top, to show the option to add friends. The easiest way is to add you as a login. Ask who you want to add your account name, and enter it into the Add Username option. If entered correctly, there will be a Add button next to the person’s name.

Snapchat app interface

Filter function is what makes Snapchat “HOT” today, with countless cute options such as turning the dog “sticking tongue”, forming Marilyn Monroe and especially the face swap between two people. To use these filters, keep your finger on the face so the app can automatically detect it.

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Download SnapChat to mobile

Download Snapchat online for the latest version of the phone to connect with friends.



Snapchat is a lightweight application that downloads very simply, just select the platform that fits your device. The installation process is completely automated.

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Current Version: Varies with device
Updated: 11/12/2018
Installs: 500.000.000+
Requires Android: All device


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