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Plants vs Zombie 2


Plants vs Zombies is a simple and fun game, you will have to fight the army of Zombies with an unusual weapon of the trees in your garden. Plants vs Zombies are relatively easy to play at the beginning of the game, but as the game progresses, you must plan to defend and use your resources the best.

Plants vs Zombie 2 new 2018

Game always brings players from one surprise to the other, not only nervous from the details in the game but even the sound in the game also brought panic, trembling scary songs.

Plants vs Zombie 2 features

To protect yourself from the Zombies, you will have a variety of flowers and vegetables to choose from: shooter flowers, nuts to slow down your enemies, or mushrooms and daisies will give you extra points to plant. new. All these plants will help you fight the enemy.

Play Plants vs Zombie 2

Depending on the level of lever you should plant each type of trees to match. Avoid unreasonable tree planting, wasteful and wasteful time. In the next lever, it will start to get a lot harder, because Zombies have become stronger and more aggressive, with more troops and faster movement speed.

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If you do not depend on mariners, planting fruit-effective seedlings will be very easy to attack. If you do not keep up the defense, they will be attacked to the end of the flower garden.

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Game Plants vs Zombies has over 100,000,000+ installs worldwide. You can now download Plant vs Zombie games for Java phones, iphone, android and all other touch phones.



Hope that the game Plants vs Zombie full version will help you in the fight and repel the zombies are intending to invade your garden offline. What are you waiting for? The last thing is to choose the right platform then download and install now.

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Current Version: 7.0.1
Updated: 08/11/2018
Installs: 100,000,000+


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