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GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is a action games offline for Mobile or PC, gives players unforgettable moments with a variety of missions, missions and weapon systems, you’ll be immersed in the multiplayer storyline as you play the main character.

GTA 5 For Mobile (Vice City)

Download GTA 5 to start conquering a game invested in graphics to the world’s most powerful gameplay, featuring a variety of characters from police and terror. GTA 5 illustrates the context in which the United States is in a state of unbridled economic and security turmoil across the region, the incidence of frequent clashes in which death occurs at any time.

GTA 5 New version 2018

GTA 5 For Android Newest Edition

  • Customize game effects using the menu
  • Has a text box to be able to “cheat items”
  • Using a smartphone, flirting, smoking, walking leggings
  • Additional cycling, swimming, plane ride
  • Massive moto racing takes place continuously

A game of the future, when the image in the game is similar to real life. In the game, the image that hits your eyes is a foggy city, streets, cars, people are portrayed very lively.

Play GTA 5 on Mobile

Download GTA 5 for Mobile

Download GTA 5 for Android IOS, belongs to the genre of action games should play even once. If you are a regular player in the phone game, it does not disappoint you with what’s up to now. Create an armed clash with the dreaded weaponry system from modern to massive destruction, download the latest GTA 5 to join the main character breaking all boundaries even the police.

Download GTA 5 for mobile

Game GTA 5 can be called a rare super game. Unfortunately, if you do not download GTA to your phone. The smartphone version was so minimal that it fits into the small screen of the phone. The navigation keys and the integrated weapons in the two buttons are extremely convenient.

GTA for iPhone

Downloading games is simple: Just pick the platform that fits your phone. The game installation process is automatic.

Download GTA 5

Current Version:
Updated: 14/12/2018
Installs: 100,000,000+
Requires Android: 4.0 and up


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