Granny Game

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Type: Horror
66 Mb

Granny Game


Granny game is a horror games built in the first person perspective. You have 5 days to escape the haunted house if you do not want to get terrible results. Granny game is considered one of the most terrifying puzzle game on mobile. You are locked up in a scary dark house, where the ghostly old lady. Now, you have to find a way to escape the house.

Granny scary horror game

Granny the most terrifying horror game

– Level of play: There are three levels of game play that you can experience: easy, medium, hard. Each level will have different difficulty levels. Granny will be faster, hear better. This will make the game more difficult than ever.

– Simple Move: Granny’s controls are extremely simple and easy to navigate, so you can shoot 360 quickly. In addition to open the door, or go down the bed, you just touch up on the right corner of the screen is okay.

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– Horror Picture: In the ghost house now designed by the manufacturer is very horrible, re-imagining many scenes of blood, wild … all will make you panic when looking at the screen.

– Live Sound: A very successful thing in the game is the sound of the game. You will be attracted to small noises, footsteps, making you stand still.

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Granny Game is small in size(66 Mb) and will fit most Android smartphones, game designed on a 3D graphics platform, creating a sense of fear. To reduce the horror in the game, you can install sound, support bar in the game to play easier.

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Because it was designed in the first person perspective, combining images in the game was created scary, dark, Granny game impressed with the player. Certainly, you will not be shocked sometimes by the scary situation, the unexpected combination of sound scary, sometimes silent to cold.


Granny game is a true horror game for those who want to try strong feelings. Download the game for free, experience and feel yourself.

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Current Version: Varies with device
Updated: 13/12/20184
Installs: 100.000.000+
Requires Android: 4.2 and up


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