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Fruit Ninja


So far you can play Fruit Ninja on popular phones on iOS and Android platforms, windows. Download free play completely.

Playing Fruit Ninja really brings many moments of relaxation and refreshment. Game is quite simple and the gameplay is quite easy, but Fruit Ninja is a game among the most played games on the phone, can also play on your computer offline.

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Short description of how to play Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is one of the most cutting-edge game genres. Game Fruit Ninja players training the agility of hands and eyes. On the horizontal screen of the phone, countless kinds of fruit will fall from the top. Use the fruit immediately on the phone screen to create Fruit Ninja fruit cutters. The more interesting thing to play with Fruit Ninja is to have different fruits with different values ​​on the score. In such a speedy slash you must skillfully dodge the bombs as well as the bad effects and negative points …



Advantages of Game Fruit Ninja

The gameplay in Fruit Ninja encourages players to be nimble, judgmental and evasive in order to get the highest score possible, ranking high in the rankings. In general, you can play Fruit Ninja in most situations, and most will bring positive effects to your mind and make you happier.

Download Fruit Ninja

Current Version: 2.0.19
Updated: 13/12/2018
Requires Android: 2.2 and up


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