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Critical Ops


Critical Ops is one of the first and most frequently re-launched shooters with different versions and is one of the best shooters.

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In this title Critical Ops, you will fight terrorists at various levels of cities, hills, roads with real and rough terrain or you can play as terrorists if you want. It has a strong online multiplayer community where you can play with your friends. The game is still popular, but it has gained the brand and attracted many players. If you want a first person shooter for free, because it’s free, so join in and have fun.
You just have a phone running Android and ios is able to play this game.

How to play Critical Ops

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The combat mechanism and way of firing Critical Ops is similar to CS: GO (though a little easier). You will also have money after each battle, the highest is 16K, buy a simple gun and focus on skills. The game offers two modes of play: Deathmatch and Defuse, on 4 different maps. However, it is clear that the design also has many problems on a number of guns and some maps are quite imba. Depending on the map, each terrain, the player should choose the gun to suit.


As mentioned above, Critical Ops does not put a lot of emphasis on performance, so you can have trolls or tease each other, as well as chat with members from many parts of the world. , the number of attendees is less than 50,000 ensure there is no shortage of play to play.

Download Critical Ops

Current Version: 3.5.1
Updated: 15/12/2018
Installs: 10.000.000+
Requires Android: 4.0 and up


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