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Boom Beach

Boom Beach is Supercell’s top strategy game and this is a free game for iOS and Android mobiles. Currently this game is one of the most popular tactical mobile games worldwide.

boom beach
The game is set in beautiful islands, you will have to build a military base for yourself to conquer the peak of victory.
You can download and play Boom Beach completely free. Although the game is free, you can buy some in-game items with real money. Under the terms of the Google Play Store, only over 13 years old can play this game.

Description game Boom Beach
– Discover the mysterious power and resources of the giant island.
– Fight with other teams to gain control of resources and build a solid base to defend and attack.
– Fight with big bosses to win and fight their intrigue.
– You set up a special task force with other people to play in the power play screen.
– Play with millions of other players, raid hundreds of enemy bases to win the spoils

boom beach

Instructions on how to play basic games for Boom Beach

After downloading this free game. You start playing by building and upgrading buildings. Order to upgrade works: Unlike Clash of Clans, Boom Beach only builds / upgrades a project for a while so you have two resources choices: Waiting for it to increase by exploiting or robbing of others.

1. How to use resources
Wood is the most important so please strengthen wood production at your facility
Vault where the best resource storage Boom beach so if you want to protect your resources, upgrade the Vault house, not the defense posts.
Hammerman’s Island is the most attacking place of Boom beach because it contains a lot of defense systems that have a challenging place for you to overcome, and also a place for lots of resources to help you comfortably use
Treasure the luckiest place you want to go to Boom beach
Evenly upgrading everything is successful in Boom beach. Of course the more you play later, the more you need to upgrade buildings at your base.

boom beach

2. How to attack
Understanding the opponent is important to attack their key areas.
After finding out about the opponent, you can get the best attack plan
You can also attack cheat by previewing the outcome of the battle, the damage that your team has to endure
You have a fleet of rear warships to support the battle so that warships ready to pour troops and supplies
There should be a way to calm and effective soldiers, not to be impatient for winning but to ruin the job

3. How to defend
Find out how your opponent is going to attack you and make a defensive plan
Building positions of defensive structures in reasonable positions.
Defensive systems such as heavy mortars and missiles should be the most secret layout.
Use landmines and mine mines effectively to consume enemy forces

boom beach

Download the boom beach completely free for android and ios phones to enjoy action strategy games offline. Wish you have fun playing hours

Download Boom Beach

Current Version: 35.158
Updated: 05/11/2018
Installs: 50,000,000+
Requires Android: 4.0 and up


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