Baby Hazzel Annual Day

Baby Hazzel Annual Day


Wow! The annual ceremony was held at the nursery school of Hazel Baby. Hazel decided to dress in a clown costume.

Discription of Baby Hazzel Annual Day.

You can download a game on android and iphone, tablet, computer to play game, all things be free. hii hii. First you will support Hazel and his mother in buying the necessary outfits and accessories. Then dress her up in a clown costume and use her attractive makeup. Finally, help Hazel and her friends perform on stage. Enjoy the anniversary with Baby Hazel and her friends!

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Baby Hazzel Annual Day 2

1. Hazel and friends practice for the day

Hazel and friends want to perform their best on their annual anniversary. Help the baby to practice well preparing for the anniversary.

2. Buy Baby Time

Now is the time of baby shopping Hazel! Travel with Hazel and his mother to buy clown costumes and accessories.

3. Hazel is ready for the day

Today is the annual holiday. Baby Hazel needs your help in dressing up the clown costume and accessories. Can you help her?

Baby Hazzel Annual Day 3

4. They dance the ceremony

Hazel and you have to dance a dance for the annual holiday. Since this is their first stage performance, can you help the baby to dance more confidently?

5. Each child performs his or her item

Wow! Now it’s time for each kid to perform his own repertoire. Help the children perform confidently and impressively on stage!


HOW TO PLAY: Use the mouse to play please select the platform suitable for the device after the red download the game, the installation is fully automatic

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