Baby Hazel Sports Day

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Baby Hazel Sports Day


The annual sports day is held at Hazel’s Nursery school! You can help Hazel in training for a sports day. Finally, join with Hazel and friends to participate in sports day events, enjoy game play such as egg balancing by mouth, throwing vellum, bowling and more. Let’s see which team wins the title. Let’s cheer for them.


  1. Hazel Baby is ready for the exercise routine: It’s Sports Day! Hazel needs to practice for this event. Can you wake up with the little princess and persuade her to be ready for her exercise routine?
  2. Help Hazel Practice for Sports Day: Hazel is ready to practice for sports day! Help her to warm up her body with warm-up and then practice for the event. Also help her follow her father’s instructions carefully.
  3. Dress for Hazel during sports day: Great! Hazel was well trained. Now take a bath for her little princess and dress her in sportswear and accessories.
  4. Play sports day games with you.


It’s Sports Day! See Red Velvet Vs Blueberry! The kids are ready for the contest. Cheer up on you guys. Let’s see which teams perform well and win medals and trophies. Happy Sport Day !!!



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