Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Baby Hazel In Kitchen


Hazel today wants to be a chef to try his hand at cooking. Hazel is the beautiful girl and very fun.

Description of the Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Shop for supplies and essential spices with Hazel for meal preparation. Take care of Hazel because is the first time she is involved in cooking activities. When the food is ready, help her set up the table. This game is free to download for androids and iphones, IOS, computers.

Baby Hazel In Kitchen 2

Baby Hazel In Kitchen and what baby want to do

1. Hazel Shopping

Today Baby Hazel wants to try his skills in the kitchen and cook some healthy food for himself. You can help her buy the furniture, fruits, vegetables, and spices needed to cook her favorite dish.

2. Hazel Cooking

Now Hazel baby has all the utensils and essential foods to make vegetable soup, to make fresh apple flavor. Help our little angel in cooking.

Baby Hazel In Kitchen 1

3. Hazel prepares dinner table.

Hazel proved himself a good chef. Her meal was delicious. Food is ready and Hazel starts preparing the table right now. Help her in arranging dinner for her little friends.

4. Hazel Baby Enjoy the meal.

Food and drinks are ready to be enjoyed. Hazel eat her favorite food. Do not forget to fulfill the needs of the cute pets. Have a meal with Hazel!


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